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One of the most important areas in improving the economy in Indonesia is tourism. There are many aspects which are potentials that can be developed.

The Reality in Tourism

It is undeniable that Indonesia has beautiful natural potential, accompanied by a variety of cultures that attract tourists to come and enjoy it. This is certainly an advantage that gives great impact on the community’s economy. However, it is very unfortunate, there are few managers of tourist attractions that not aware of their environmental responsibilities.

Not only responsible for nature, but also for the welfare of the community, respecting the culture in the local area, and how tourists can get good and correct insights when coming to tourist attractions. If no one can be responsible for these things, then nature and everything in it will slowly be damaged and die.

Malang Travelista Ecotourism Potential

So, who should be responsible? The answer is that all of us, not only tourism managers, but we as tourists must also be wise in traveling, namely by doing or participating in ecotourism. Why ecotourism? Because ecotourism is a responsible tourism activity, namely applying the principles that have been set for good purposes.

Important Aspects in Ecotourism

Ecotourism includes several important aspects, so it can be said that ecotourism has great potential. The potential to keep nature intact, free from waste, free from damage caused by human activities. This potential to provide welfare for the local community, by giving a role to participate in the process of running ecotourism.

The involvement of the community will help them to improve the economy so that the welfare of the community will be guaranteed. In addition, ecotourism also has the potential to maintain the culture that already exists in these tourist attractions, by involving tourists to learn and even participate in activities related to the culture in that place.

Malang Travelista Ecotourism Potential 2

Not only providing insight into the culture but tourists are also given important information about the places visited. So, every tourist not only have fun and take pictures, but can understand the good things to bring, and become something memorable when returning to their respective places.


Through the discussion above, it can be concluded that ecotourism has great potential in various ways. Provide a good impact on nature, society, culture, and tourists who come. Every aspect will affect each other. Therefore, let’s keep together to implementing ecotourism. Not only enjoying but also helping in protecting nature and the environment. If nature and the environment maintained, it will have a good impact on all aspects of tourism. So that the nature that we enjoy now can continue to be a tourist attraction whose beauty is maintained and can continue to be enjoyed from generation to generation.

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