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As tourism actors, apart from enjoying the beauty of nature, the most important thing is how tourists can be responsible when visiting a place.

What is Tourism ?

According to the Cape Town Declaration, responsible tourism is an effort to make better places for people to live, as well as better places for people to visit. Responsible tourism involves several parts, namely, the government, local communities, responsible tourists, and other related part. Each part has a responsibility to act towards a sustainable tourism destination.

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The Impact

Often, we don’t realize that everything that we do when traveling has an impact on the tourist destinations we visit, and everything related to them. Related matters, namely, economic, social, cultural, and the environment around the tourist attractions.

Sometimes we forget to respect and appreciate the things that are important to do and things not to do in tourist destinations. The resulting impacts can be positive or negative, as well as short-term and long-term impacts.

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To realize responsible tourism, we must understand that what we do in the tourism system can have an impact. There are many real examples that can be applied in the world of tourism, one of which is respecting the rules that have been set in places that have historical value and are considered sacred.

In addition, we can buy local products, which will have an impact on the economy of the local community in these tourist spots. In protecting the environment, we should not litter because it will have a very bad impact on nature. The more garbage scattered in the natural environment and in tourist attractions, the more likely the place is damaged will be faster.

Travel Ethics

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The World Committee on Tourism Ethics created a tourist ethics guide, in which there are seven things.

  1. The first is respecting the host with all his heritage, including history, culture, customs, and other related matters.
  2. Second, protect our earth.
  3. Third, contribute to the local economy, so that local people can get prosperity through these tourist areas.
  4. Furthermore, implementing travel safely, we are responsible for protecting ourselves when traveling.
  5. Obeying every existing rule and law is something we must do.
  6. In addition, we need to be careful in uploading photos, videos, or opinions to social media so as not to offend others or cause unwanted things.
  7. And the last is to make tourism activities more efficient and have a good influence on other travellers.


By participating, we have become responsible tourists. If responsible tourism has been created, it will create sustainable tourism. This has a good impact by improving the economy, social and environment. So that we as tourists don’t just come and satisfy ourselves, but let’s come to have a good impact on nature and the environment.

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