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Indonesia holds the title as a country that has a high attractiveness to tourists. Various natural charms, culture, and various attractions available in Indonesia can be enjoyed anytime and by anyone.

Type of Tour

There are many types of tourism classified according to their purpose.

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Cultural Tourism

This tour aims to broaden the view by studying society, customs, arts, culture, and various things related to local places and communities.

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Maritime or Marine Tourism

This tourism is carried out in the sea, beach, island and surrounding areas, where we come not only to enjoy nature but also to be responsible for the environment we use.

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Nature Reserve Tourism

Nature reserve tourism is an area where there are living things that have an attraction because of their rarity. The purpose of this tour is to protect the ecosystem in it so that living things can be maintained and protected.

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And there are still several other types of tourism in Indonesia.

Those are some types of tourism based on their purpose, there are still many activities that can be carried out according to the types.

How Do We Defend?

With all the diversity and uniqueness of tourist attractions and all their contents, we benefit from utilizing the existing ecosystem if we can maintain it.

How do we defend? By being responsible for the environment. There are many forms of responsibility to the environment, one of which is disposing of waste in its place. Garbage can pollute nature and even be the cause of natural disasters, therefore by not throwing garbage carelessly, we are already responsible for the environment. Prioritizing the right norms and ethics towards the surrounding environment. Because every little thing will have an impact on the social, cultural, and of course the environment.

The resulting impact can be positive or negative. The positive impact that will be produced will be very much, one of which is nature is awake. If we are responsible for not littering, then nature will maintain its beauty and authenticity. But on the contrary, it will be very bad for nature if it is filled with garbage. Nature becomes damaged and its beauty fades.

Malang Travelista As Responsible Tour Agent

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As a responsible tour agent, Malang Travelista can provide the best service during the trip to enjoy and explore natural wonders together. Not only serving tourists, but Malang Travelista also collaborates to expand the network with various elements in tourism.

One of them is the local community who is involved in the tourism travel process. By giving a role to the local community, it will have a very good impact, namely improving the welfare of the community. Malang Travelista is also very concerned about environmental issues when traveling. Provide education and urge tourists to be responsible while in the tourist attractions visited. This aims to realize a sustainable natural tourist spot. So that you can continue to enjoy its beauty.


Various charms of nature, culture, and various attractions are available in Indonesia. That way, there are many types of tourism classified according to their purpose. Malang Travelista as a responsible tour agent, not only serves tourists but also expands the network, gives a role to the community, prioritizes environmental issues, and provides education about the places visited. Let’s explore and learn in the world of tourism with Malang Travelista.

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