Malang Travelista About Us

Founded in 2011 in the city of Malang, Malang Travelista committed to provide best service to customers in enjoying the travel, exploring natural beauty, learning cultural diversity and experience East Java hospitality. We strive to serve tourists and expand our networks with various elements of tourism including local community.

Innovation is important in our services, by keeping up with global tourism trends. Environmental issues and community involvement in tourism are our main concerns. This aims to expand our network, especially in the travel section. We also improve our services to customers, prioritizing in information technology and increase personal skills in our team.

Malang Travelista registered with a notary to get its business legality under a name of PT. Berkah Bersama Travelista. This was done in line with the company’s needs to expand its markets and networks.

Our Mission

Malang Travelista’s vision is to become a responsible Tour Operator for sustainable tourism.

This was realized by developing our missions as follows:

  1. Providing best service to our customers for a memorable vacation.
  2. Amplify our network with tourism stakeholders including society and local communities for standardized services for tourists.
  3. Minimize tourism negative impact in every activities.