Malang Travelista Know About Ecotourism

In the world of tourism, there must be efforts to create sustainable tourism. This effort is realized by ecotourism.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a tourism activity that is responsible for nature, community welfare, as well as a space for distributing education about the environment. Unlike tourism in general, which aims only to enjoy the holidays. Ecotourism prioritizes several aspects, there are nature conservation, build the local population’s economy, preserving culture, respecting the beliefs of the surrounding population, and educating about the tourist areas visited.

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Ecotourism begins with the longing of nature-loving tourists who want the nature to remain intact and people’s lives to be more prosperous, so they created ecotourism that exists and runs until now. Through this ecotourism activity, there are many parties that can gives good benefit to each other. When people can get jobs, it can give impact on improving the economy in the area. While nature also happy because it guarded and filled with visitors.

Principles in Ecotourism

In this activity there are several principles that cannot be separated from the world of ecotourism to be carried out while traveling. The principles applied include responsibility and commitment to environmental and cultural preservation. Where everyone who comes to travel is responsible for protecting the environment and respecting the existing culture.

In addition, the principle of ecotourism also provides space for residents to participate or play a role in tourism operations in the area. This can benefit them by providing employment to the population, so that the economy will grow and provide prosperity. On the other hand, ecotourism also plays a role in distributing education to tourists who come to get good knowledge from the area.

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Tourists who come can enjoy as well as get information related to these tourist destinations. Because education is one of the most important and useful things, not only enjoying nature but also understanding nature itself.

Ecotourism Development

Ecotourism is currently showing very good development because access to travel is easier, with the presence of transportation, adequate road, and the management of tourist attractions has also developed a lot.

Therefore, the public’s interest in traveling is getting higher. This has a big impact on managers, native residents, and the entire existing tourism sector because of the enthusiasm of tourists to travel. If fewer tourists visit, the economic level of the population in the area will also decline.

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Therefore, let’s join in the development of ecotourism in Indonesia to preserve nature, improve the economy, and gain knowledge about nature education. Because this will ensure that the tourism industry will continue to grow and create social and economic benefits for people in the world of tourism. With ecotourism, it will create opportunities to explore the world in an effective and fun way.

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